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Meet Our Team’s Reflection in Words : All Things We Love About Our Work Style

The work style is changing all around the globe to try and adapt to the COVID-19 crisis. The definition of workplace is redefining along with the evolution of work environments to accommodate the sudden shift that the virus has brought along. We, at Hackowls, have always embraced the possibilities of remote working and hence the impact of the dramatic changes did not upset us hugely. Gratefully, the things we love about the work style at Hackowls remains to be unaltered. 

A global poll conducted by Gallup has uncovered that an astounding 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs and the reasons behind the high number are strained relationships with the boss, type of work, or stagnated growth. I am happy to report that our team at Hackowls faces no such challenges and delightfully belongs to the other 15% of the global workforce. This is the produce of harvesting positivity in the work style like our creative director, Suryavarshini has explained in How a Positive Work Culture Can Revolutionize Your Professional Life

To present the practicality of the same, I interviewed my teammates on the things they love about the work style at Hackowls and here is what they had to say – 

Sivadharshan says, “Communicating with the team and the chiefs is always comfortable. I can easily reach out to them regarding my concerns and doubts, be it an immediate leave request or a technological requirement. The work style has given me the freedom of expressing opinions which I don’t think I would have if I were working elsewhere. I am not confined in a box and I am able to constantly experiment and learn. Encouragement amongst each other in the team has helped a great deal in maintaining our morale.”

“I joined as a website designer but that has not limited my functions. I chose what I want to do and now I am also exploring sides of social media management too. The work style here is so relaxed that it doesn’t feel like working at all. Zero work pressure and the encouraging environment has made way for me to learn and develop new ideas as well as understand the nature of business. I love how the work style here is different from the conventional ideas of how a workspace must be. Everybody assists to clarify my doubts and help me grow by expanding my knowledge.” says Suriya.

Sumanth absolutely loves the team, he says, “We have both the talent and the knowledge to transform ideas into reality. I take pleasure not only in what we deliver but also the impact of our final output that helps businesses in their long term vision. What we do is not just a job but has a lot more significance. We always support the practice of learning, expanding our knowledge and doing what we love. Our work style has broken the conventional norms with flexibility taking precedence over the rest. The vibe is always happy and the happy environment is ideal to nurture creativity. I am thrilled with every design that we create, it is simply magical.”
“The team is filled with lovable people who genuinely care about each other and embrace the same mindset. If one of us is having a troubled time, the rest of us willingly have their back and that is my favorite thing about Hackowls. The environment we have nurtures us to grow unendingly. My job description need not be defined and I enjoy the creativity that my work demands. Every task brings out a new me and our ideas are given a stage and valued. We have a lot of liberty to explore life which in turn enhances our creativity. Hackowls is all about being creative and bringing out the best of us. The most important skill that I learned here is how to learn as opposed to the previous 10+ years of a spoon-fed life. Now I am confident to say that I can learn any new skill in a short time.”, says Suryavarshini.
Synonymous to Suryavarshini and Sumanth, Venkat agrees that his favorite thing about Hackowls is the team and the jolly vibe we carry. He says, “Everyday is full of challenges and opportunities to explore new techniques and different kinds of work. The efforts we are putting in to automate our business are pretty kickass. I love that we have the freedom to explore and the freedom to work at our own pace which is very rarely a part of the work style outside. It feels incredible to learn new skills from everybody in the team and to understand how each one works in their own unique way to get work done.”

Studies say that growth is inversely related to satisfaction in career development. That means, as we progress, our levels of satisfaction drops. So far, we have not seen evidence of this occur within the work style of Hackowls. Although it is apparent that our team thrives on progression and growth while contentment has stayed intact. It is also proven that recognition and inspiration bring out the best quality of work. Motivation and appreciation are always present in abundance within the team at all times and that is the secret of how our work style is performing miracles. 

Happiness, positivity and wellbeing are ingrained in our work style apart from skill development and upward mobility. Do you want to be a part of the young-happy-and-content clan? Only if you agree to celebrate all our birthdays together. Read our terms and you write to us.



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