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All You Need to Know About App Store Optimization (ASO)

You have an app ready to launch. How do you do it and what do you need? There are a bunch of things your app needs before launching. One of them is ASO – App Store Optimization. ASO is an attribute that increases the discoverability of an app in the App Store and Play Store. ASO is SEO’s younger brother working for apps instead of websites. There are a few myths surrounding ASO and it is pretty baffling to comprehend all in one go so this blog is a pool of bite-sized content for you to understand ASO easily. 

Let’s picture a scenario where ASO will perform miracles.

Friend 1: Hello! Do you know of an app to create a collage of pictures for my social media?

Friend 2: I don’t know of any, why don’t we search the play/app store?

Friend 1: That’s a good idea, thanks! 

They go to the store to search and use words like “collage maker” or “photo editor”. Relevant applications pop up on their results and very happily make a collage of their pictures using the app. 

Are you wondering how the search option shortlisted a few of the many thousand apps and brought the right ones in front of them and how can you make your app visible the same way? This is where ASO plays its part. The number of apps on the stores are endless. An average of 6000 apps are released everyday. To avoid your app from getting lost in the exitless maze, your app needs to befriend ASO. 

The app/play stores are the same as an Akshayapatra (an inexhaustible vessel from the Hindu History).

What Is ASO?

What Is ASO
When the peanut vendor passes by your street, he screams loudly for you to know that he has arrived. A very ordinary analogy is that ASO is the screaming vendor whereas your app is the peanut. Simple enough, isn’t it? It is absolutely pointless for your app to just go sit in the store waiting to be discovered by doing nothing after launch. ASO is crucial to improve the visibility of your app by ranking via keywords and a few other factors. The more your app is seen, more traffic your app will pull in and more your app will be downloaded.  ASO is not a one-time job nor is it quick to deliver results. You need powerful ASO keyword research, timely analysis of performance, updation of ASO according to the analysis and lots of patience.

What Are the Elements of ASO?

What Are the Elements of ASO

App Icon

The foremost element of ASO is your app’s icon, that is where any pair of eyeballs will go first and undoubtedly, the first impression has to be the best. Your icon should clearly represent your app’s purpose while being appealing to the human eye.  

App Title 

This part of ASO is for you to get your creativity flowing. It must consist of your brand name coupled creatively with a magnetic word and a keyword. A keyword in the title gives you more chances of being ranked higher. A subtitle must also be used just like brands use a tagline.  

App Description 

We might not read the descriptions of apps while downloading, but the algorithm has a keen eye on it to help with the app’s ranking through ASO. Writing an app description requires intensive keyword research and continuous monitoring of performance. 


Screenshots must excitingly portray your app’s UI and must convey the visual flow of the working of your app. Screenshots of unique features of your app will be strong enough to convince that you are not the same as your competition.   Other factors that affect ASO are localization, ratings, user reviews, number of downloads and category.

What Are the Benefits of ASO?

What Are the Benefits of ASO

1) The most transparent benefit of ASO is lifting the search discovery of your app. It can be achieved by a balance of charming the search algorithm and the viewers. Words perform the trick for the algorithm whereas colors and design captivate the viewers.

2) Another impressive treat from ASO is that only users who are actively searching for your app will discover you. Let’s go back to the scenario we pictured earlier. A couple of friends are looking for “collage maker” and if your app’s title/description has similar keywords then they will not just find your app instantly but also make sure to download and use it. In view of relevant users finding your app through ASO, the organic downloads will significantly shoot up.

3) ASO will also offer your app a steady conversion rateunlike ad campaigns where the conversion rate is at a spike only for the campaign duration. The consistent growth will be mighty enough for you to overlook the factor of time as ASO is a long term process. 

4) ASO will lead to better ratings and that in turn will certify your credibility. The relationship between ASO and the app’s credibility might be a long distant one but will take your hard work up on the stage.   

5) By following all the elements of ASO including that one of localization, your app is most likely to standout in the market and will tread you to outshine competition.  

6) ASO also shares the burden of cost by cutting down marketing costs. Paid marketing will take your app to a huge crowd although who might be uninterested and see no need for your app at that instant. ASO acts as an organic marketer for your app which assures your app will be recognized and also in a cost-effective way.

7) In the same vein of SEO, the performance of your app and ASO can also be measured. Persistent monitoring of your app’s ASO performance will show you which direction you need to go next to win the lottery.

Fling to the store. Become visible. Charm conversion. Boost downloads. Thread the needle to credibility. Conquer users. Knock out the competition. Chop away costs. All with ASO. We would love to hear how you want to implement ASO for your app. We stand prepared, are you ready to compass your app in the right direction?



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