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Simple hacks to Achieve Work-Life Balance

We are all so busy working hard and relentlessly to accomplish something in life. We thrive hard to be successful and achieve our goals. But in this super hyper loop we tend to sometimes slip out of the bigger picture of what matters. We forget why we are here and what we are supposed to do as the amazing earthlings we are meant to be. For next 10 minutes you will be engaged in a happy thought provoking session and get back the control over your wonderful life and be able to refrain yourself from being consumed in endless working hours.

At Work

1)  Identifying the bigger picture

All of us in our life for at least ones would have felt lost at work, wondered why we are here, Is it the right thing and many such random questions would actually disrupt up your peace. Knowing your purpose could help you stay grounded and give you the drive to propel out of your bed every morning and accomplish work tasks in swag.

To find your purpose try answering these two questions and rediscover the excitement of work life.

  1. Why is your job important to you?
  2. How can you utilise it to the fullest and make it work the best for you?

2) Productivity

Make a list of all the things that you have to do. A to-do is a simple 4 letter word that has the power to comprehend the chaotic random thoughts of your head into doable action steps. Empowering you with more clarity. Commit to giving at least one deliverable every day and eventually the size of your deliverable would magnify and you would have progressed way farther.

6 months of consistency can put you 2 years ahead in life.

Time yourself for few days and figure out how much time you exactly worked & what were the distracting elements in between, it is a process where with time you master the art of finishing more work in less time.

3) If you are in flow or not?

We all know what is flow. But how do you get into flow? Here is the magic tip – Sometimes you feel like working sometimes you are too lazy to start in such cases look at the start time, sit in front of the computer or do any of your work for just 20 mins, after initiating your work if the next time you look at the clock is beyond 20 mins (most of the times it is beyond 2hrs) then you are all set at flow if not then surely you should stop contemplating and do something else.

In Life

1) The Super Being

You live only once, as a child you followed your heart, fought for what you wanted and would have magnanimously forgiven your parents for not buying you ice creams in winter. But as grown-ups somehow we start taking life more seriously. Adulthood can be dealt with a light heart and charming attitude as well – if you decide to! You can feel any way about your past or future- but as you live only ones what is BASIC is to feel happy now at – “the present”. The three good replacements in our life could be as follows –

1. “Disappointment” with “Forgiveness”
2. “Guilt” with “Good lessons to not repeat our mistakes”
3. “Comparison / Competition” (that subconsciously adds a lot of stress to your gentle soul) with “Being a better version of yourself”

2) Basic aspects of life

Facing Adversities together at Workplace - Hackowls

Image source: Mindvalley

In the above image we see the basic 12 aspects of life.

Feel free to either pick all of them or the ones that matter the most to you. Of every aspect that you picked, ask yourself what is going good and bad in it. Say you picked ‘character’, then you can ask yourself something like this:


1. What is the ideal character that you want to have?
2. What are the characters that you love in yourself?
3. What are the characters that are better left alone?
4. What can you do to attain your ideal character?

This is a personal self-introspection that you could indulge in, for soul reviving revelations about your precious life. Ancient Indian culture shows several traces of self-introspection and the shown example is the most basic way of doing it.

They say know the what and how will find its way and it is true in many cases popularly known as “the law of attraction”, works well for many who trust in it.

3) Why is it important

As human beings we are innate visual learners, we learned to walk from seeing others on two legs, we scribbled as toddlers seeing others hold pens in their fingers, sometimes we miss to see what coexists as our feelings because they do not have a real shape in our day to day life. All the above 12 aspects can’t be seen physically, we eventually miss to realise the importance of those parts of life that actually makes us who we are.

They call this concept conscious living or mindfulness in the west, where we consciously practice to give attention/life to what matters. With time definitely, it becomes subconscious but getting out of the initial inertia in us and finding the real purpose is the key challenge that we have to overcome with intrinsic determination.

Balancing is an art

Facing Adversities together at Workplace - Hackowls

1) Time Management

A profession in early days was based on the daylight patterns, so after the sunsets, people got back home, sat together, spoke about interesting things with family, cooked and dined together and slept peacefully. After the light was invented people named it 9-5 work but now there is no boundary, as our work is always lit (lol) laptops you see. You can work from anywhere, anytime to all-time. You can try to pick a routine that makes you feel happy, invest your sincere efforts to figure out what can you do to keep yourself happy every day and make a routine that rejoices you like a child. It is your life and you get to live it the way you choose to. While working be completely present at it, set a time to stop working every day and after that set out time for self-introspection, journaling and show yourself some much-needed self-love.

2) Unwinding

Facing Adversities together at Workplace - Hackowls

The hyper-connected world makes everything look very urgent, Adding more pressure. Sometimes ending up feeling stressed exhausted. Sometimes you end you thinking about work even after returning to your family. Your thoughts are hooked around your pending tasks and you miss to relish the heavenly meal cooked with love with your family. Consciously unwinding from work is a great thing you could do to live your life to the fullest.

UNWINDING – It is a process of easing out your brain from all your “work tasks” which is a part of your life and not your complete life. We understand that you want to be genuinely productive but unwinding is like a recharge option of your gadget that could make you feel much more alive and aligned to your life. Also, it wouldn’t let your sky fall apart if you and it is ok to take your time off.

3) Flexibility

There is no forever, but our permanent residence in our assumed forever is our body. The endorphins which are pumped from a happy fitness session can act as the fuel to the brain and enable you to finish a usual 6-hour work in max 2 hours. So next time you are procrastinating your fitness schedule because you are running late remember you are just going to prolong it than usual. By fitness, it could be anything that your soul loves to be engaged in.

Give your life the attention it needs – make the most wonderful love story with your life and do justice to the wonderful earthling you are “As You Only Live Ones”. So the next time you think of “Work Life Balance” understand that work is a part of life and it has to be balanced well with the other aspects of life.

Just as your body needs regular exercise to stay fit your mind needs regular positivity doses too. Keep your souls charged with our positive pills of writing by joining our newsletter for monthly contents on workplace happiness. Feel inspired? Got more ideas for happy workplace? Need some more ideas? Or want to engage in some healthy happy conversation? We will be glad to hear from you. Leave us your comments below.



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