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In Conversation With Mrs. Lakshmi Prabha – How a Website Can Impact Your Business to Advance in Your Line of Work

The business community is not just towering in this day and age but also progressively increasing. In reality, not all businesses that begin in today’s society see the daylight. Businesses commence and shut down everyday. Many businesses succumb to the temptation of merely safeguarding momentarily. If you are running a business, what you could do instead is fix the loopholes to cement its continuance. Building your website is one of the proven efficient moves for your business to keep going. A good quality website can impact your business favourably beyond doubt. We are pointing this out because 88% of consumers pre-research before making their purchase.

To demonstrate our statement, we are going to run you through an example. Thuyaa, a 100% natural skin care products business is a good case in point. We, at Hackowls Software LLP designed and developed an e-commerce website to solidify the foundation of the business – Thuyaa. To bring to you words from the founder of Thuyaa herself, we discussed with Mrs. Lakshmi Prabha on her entrepreneurial journey and how it changed course after introducing her business website and typed it down for you to comprehend. She has narrated for us how her trade operated before having a website and how a website positively impacted her business.

Need of a business website

“At what point of your business journey, did you realize the need of a website?”

“Around 5 years ago when my daughter started using skin care products, the domination of chemicals in those products triggered my cause of concern. I seeked a solution to this by experimenting in a makeshift laboratory which to tell the truth was my chef husband’s kitchen. Thuyaa (named in 2019) started as a fix to help my daughter so frankly, I did not think of a website back then.” 
“With the passage of time, my kith and kin expressed their desire to use my products. By word of mouth, quickly more people started contacting me for more information on my products. Somewhere between this, my interest escalated into business. Last year, I started getting phone calls more than usual. My brochures and information booklets could not give explanations for all of my customer’s doubts nor could it precisely explain my business intentions. So that is when I had my tipping point and wrapped my mind around the need of a website for my business.” 
Adapting the new business website - Website's impact on business

“How did your existing customers adapt to your new website?”

“Usually when people come across me, before becoming a user of my products, they become familiar with my consultation sessions. In my consultation, I tend to take notice of my customer’s skin type and consequently provide bespoke natural skin care solutions to suit them. Now once this session ends, they know what product to pick for themselves. When they come back for a second time, some usually stick to the same products whereas some will want to sit through another whole consultation session with me.”

“On the launch of my website, my customers viewed my webpages and started doing their own research to discover what is best for them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that my consultation is off the table but that sometimes people have a clarified idea of what they want before my consultation. My customers who trace back for their 2nd time can now make a good judgement without help, thanks to the information I put out on my website.” 

“Do you think your website has justified your intentions of needing one?”

“Yes, my website has made my business more believable and trustworthy. Beyond word of mouth, most of my customers reach me through my Instagram and Facebook presence. They are then directed to my website for detailed information about Thuyaa in place of directly connecting with me. As a result, the number of phone calls I receive has minimized. Now I don’t see this as an adverse impact because my website adds credibility to my business.”
Purposes of business website - Website's impact on business

“Does your website serve other purposes than that of being a landing page?”

“Yes, my website has brought in a few additional variations for my business. The local reach of my business has expanded along with my market. My list of products now have crossed boundaries into hair care and in all fairness, my discovery hasn’t stopped and nor will it in the later stages. The awareness of my products have enhanced and I have also added a “Design your soap” section on my website, which is much like the “Make your own sub” at Subway outlets.” 
“Another wonderful reward is that my conversion happens 24×7 and is independent of my availability to answer customer’s questions. This is in view of the fact that my website has the prospective questions on the user’s mind in addition to the answers. The strategy of my unique website was designed on this factor along with educating the user thoroughly on the naturalness of my products. The kickstart of my website has also elevated my view in the competitive space of the business industry. It has ascertained that I am not an amateur and I possess experience with extensive understanding of my products and my customer’s expected outcomes. I am gratified with all the advancements this e-commerce website has made for my business.” 
While we heard her pre and post website comparison chronicles of Thuyaa, Mrs. Lakshmi Prabha’s energy lit up and she agreed that the impact of the business website is treading tremendously even now. She also revealed that having a website has given her a headway in the ground of business. 
Website's impact on business
In brief, launching a website for her business has beneficially impacted the following – 

Credibility of Thuyaa 

Thuyaa is an earnest business and is experienced to serve customer’s skin care needs. Buyers from a distance feel reliability towards her business and now shop with confidence. The reviews and testimonials are an easy route for her viewers to board the ship.   

Communication With Customers 

The number of phone calls/text messages she receives declined but the number of buyers upturned. The website closes the gaps of confusion and miscalculated exchanges during conversations with her customers. 

Understanding of Products

She climbed the extra steps to narrate detailed information and educate readers, thereby standing out of the crowd. The website helps customers understand the making of her products from scratch and its benefits on the skin. 

Reach and Market

The word-of-mouth marketing has become more effective along with social media marketing now that the website is in place. As her buyers are increasing, their needs are  increasing likewise. This gifted her opportunities of expanding her market and product range.

User Experience and Accessibility

The process of understanding her products, picking the right product and buying it is now simplified with an e-commerce website. The users are more than happy with the user-centric and easily navigable website design. The users also can check out the information at their own time and is not limited to the time of availability of Mrs. Lakshmi Prabha. 

Conversion Rate

Not everybody can sort out time merely to enquire about a product which in the end may or may not suit their needs. In that manner, customers feel inclined towards buying a product about which all information is readily available rather than a product which needs further probe. This distinctness has dramatically increased the conversion rate of her products. 

We believe you don’t need any more convincing on the brighter side of why your business will do wonders with a website. Are you thinking about building a website for your business? We think you should start building one right away to experience the pleasures of what Thuyaa is living. Our website designing services are prepped to provide unhindered help by chance if you need any. 



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