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4 Reasons why a website is important for your business

Your business is as unique as you and its presence should be embarked online with same innate uniqueness, the expert design and branding techniques can help it stand out in your trade and stay sealed in your client’s brain forever. 80% – 85% of people search for local businesses online. Each person spends an average of six hours a day on the web, making it a larger avenue than any print or broadcast medium.

1) Basic for business on the Internet

Website is important - Hackowls

In this fast-paced world, people want instant solutions, for a moment if they are suddenly interested in knowing about a product they would grab their mobile phones and search on the internet, that is the point where the first impression is set. Your website is like that own office building with permanent 24/7 working marketing executive who can answer all your client queries and convert them just like that forever. That is the kind of luxury you can own by having a website for your business. Your website is going to be that trust and relationship builder with your most suitable and valuable clients. It is on the website that your intended audience understand you and your business goals a step deeper just the way you want them to perceive. 

2) Establishing connections

Embracing Diversity at Workplace -  Hackowls

 It is that wonderful experience where you can connect with multiple clients from different horizons with the same attention, at a time! Every day you can not go around telling 10s & 100s of people about your expertise, specialities, flagships etc., but with a website, you can establish an emotional connection between your brand and your clients. By being online you add an extra coating of legitimacy to customers. In your website give value to your audience that builds relationships, show them how they are important to you and what have you got to offer them. If you get it right, their decision about your brand is made even before entering the showroom. This decision making will be clear because of your valuable online presence.

3) Credibility

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Sometimes people don’t even intend to buy but simply walk into stores at that instant if the service impresses them, their probability of coming back is higher. Likewise, if people stumble upon your website, we can captivate their interest with properly aligned images, testimonials and valuable information. Building online credibility can boost offline sales since in this new era people tend to get social proof before approaching a store to buy. Such kind of credibility and offers can be boosted on the Website in an effective way to convince your prospective customers.

4) Online Conversion

Facing Adversities together at Workplace - Hackowls

When you give a visiting card or brochure or client finds you through any random way, when they want to know your product more, the first thing 75% of people would do is look for your website. Website is such an inevitable aspect that we can’t afford to foresee. Your website at that moment would stand tall to glorify and establish a subconscious trust about your brand and mind you they look for confirmations on-site that comes from the consistency in branding, it is where the extraordinary players are curated by the audience. It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about what they see, it is highly important to grab their attention in this little time span. A Website needs to be designed keeping the user in mind, just as the salesperson navigates a customer inside the store the website should be well organised and structured in a way that enables the customer to see what they want to and what you intend to simultaneously. It is the strategic positioning of the call to action buttons, images, typefaces along with some colour blending that plays the mastermind behind the conversions on site. That definitely requires some initial efforts but it is a onetime investment that would reap benefits for a lifetime. 73% of companies invest in design to differentiate their brand from their competitors. A well-designed website & a contact number is the most basic but widely ongoing internet conversion combination. If you get it right you become the undisputed solution provider for your customers.

Website is important..

That is why it is either you hire experts for making a website or you have an amazingly designed website that needs to be promoted & there are no in-betweens. Now that you have realised the depths of impact your business website can make, take a moment to explore the phenomenal presence that we have established on the internet for 100s of our clients. We are experts at making digital presence meaningful for you and would be happy to engage with you on a casual call to help you get better with it.



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