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How a positive work culture can revolutionise your professional life?

Happiness inspires productivity

Positive work culture is not just about productivity, it is about a lifestyle. Researches show that the average person spends 40% of lifetime at work. In the ode to reach the ever-extending success line, what we miss in the equation is the secret of enjoying the journey. According to a survey, every one part of the investment made on employee happiness gives five parts in return but it is not just about money, it is the experience which is much more golden. As humans it is these experiences, that we cherish more. The time that we spend as a company has a vital role to play in our day to day life and in the long run as our career. Have you ever thought what an ideal workspace would feel like to you and wondered how to live it on a daily basis?

It is important to build a work culture where co-workers become friends and the office becomes the second house by choice. A right environment includes aspects like good infrastructure, work flexibility, Organisational vision, ethics and morale. When everyone inside the company feels aligned to the core value of the company and can see the bigger picture amidst all the todos hustle then we are already half-way through it. This can be implemented by casual interactions on the purpose of the organisation and openness about the goals that the company is heading towards.

1) The Flow

Working in Flow at Workplace - Hackowls

Employee Alignment is a 50-50 process, half of it is set when the Organisation embarks its primary goal with everyone and the other half is about the employee’s flow. Sometimes when we engage at work we forget the world and everything around us, all that stays in our head is work – that’s being in the flow. Most of the happy organisations focus on bringing this flow of work in every employee. A drive from within is what puts people in the flow, to achieve it we need a strong purpose and a happy heart. A happy heart ensures to not just work but to excel in whatever it is pursuing at any given time. This is where positivity comes into play. Be it for getting things done on our own or be it based on delegation, it is important to build trust and faith in the doer, making them feel valued and acknowledging their skillset. It is this motivation that would drive them to keep up to the level of expectations and sometimes even deliver far beyond what is expected. The best part is not just getting the required output but making them feel confident to achieve more in life.

2) Embracing diversity 

Embracing Diversity at Workplace -  Hackowls

The art of building a happy workplace lies in being open to embracing the heterogeneity in skillsets inside the team and valuing every kind of work. This creates awareness about the holistic progress inside the company, encourages every individual to join the trail to growth in their style and compliment each other for work accomplishments. Every output can’t be up to the mark sometimes they slip the standard after all “mistakes are proof to sincere efforts”. This is where feedback comes into action. Instead of demeaning a person or publicising a person’s mistake, giving healthy feedbacks and suggesting better techniques for improvement inculcates more accountability to perform well. It is important to weave mindfulness into the work environment. Emotional Resilience enables us to respond instead of mere reactions. Emotional resilience can be developed by increased engagements within the team, creating more affinity towards fellow workers. It establishes a huge sense of trust and faith inside the team, building a community of intellects who collaborate at work and party hard their success.  

3) Setting standards

Setting Right Standards at Workplace - Hackowls

We as human subconsciously learn from what we see. The best way to implement a revolutionary attitude is to take it up and live by its standard personally. There is a leader in all of us. There will always be a set of people looking up to us and inspiring them to be a better person is absolutely the finest way to make an impact. When you set the standards by acting in alignment with the company’s core values and beliefs, you already become a star. You will be an inspirational figure although it won’t be explicitly seen but “the feel-good part” will keep you going. Happy at work and to feel valued at work are two deep, different yet correlated aspects. By ascertaining to the bigger picture you will see the change – you will feel ‘ valued’. Team related tasks won’t be work anymore and would feel like an activity full of vibes, as everyone around you would resonate on your frequency of purpose.

4) Facing adversities

Facing Adversities together at Workplace - Hackowls

Professional life is no less than a roller coaster ride where ups and downs are part and parcel of routine. The good news is that the happy professionals find it much easier to face adversities as they can envision the bigger picture and understand that this too shall pass. They keep the tensions low and take all the possible efforts to get their team covered, in this process, solving the problem just happens as a side reaction. A happy heart in us can do wonders. It keeps our minds healthy, pumps enormous creativity and makes us a pro in solving problems. Happiness is free of cost and comes with the efforts of shaping the right mindset. It empowers you to produce more with less and escalates your life graph positively. 

Just as your body needs regular exercise to stay fit your mind needs regular positivity doses too. Keep your souls charged with our positive pills of writing by joining our newsletter for monthly contents on workplace happiness. Feel inspired? Got more ideas for happy workplace? Need some more ideas? Or want to engage in some healthy happy conversation? We will be glad to hear from you. Leave us your comments below.



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