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Is Your Business Now Digitally Prepared to Withstand COVID-19?

As a growing number of businesses today are embracing the idea of “Less Physical, More Digital” to resist the tumbling down due COVID-19, we wanted to give you an inkling on how you can give your business space in the digital world. 

And the good news is you don’t have to worry about investing a huge amount of money. You can get things done within budgetary constraints or free at the first go-off. Don’t believe it? Read on. We have a digital solution for every step of the way.

1) Digital Communication

Digital Communication
Calling to set up a meeting or visiting the store to have an in-depth conversation on your business is a thing of the past. We usually build trust about a person or a thing when we see it first-hand. The confidence-building for your business digitally is not a short route as time and experience are key ingredients. But there are a couple of things that you can use to be perceived credible. 

1) Professional Email 

A professional email address is one that has your business name in it post @, for instance – [email protected]. As opposed to a customary, professional emails portray trustworthiness, especially when everything digital has become the new norm. Another reason to get your business a professional email is that email marketing has an ROI of 4400%. While unprofessional emails can be flagged as spam, You can secure your emails and backup conversations with professional email services. Read our blog to know all about professional emails.

2) WhatsApp Business 

While Instagram appeals to the younger audience, almost everybody we know uses WhatsApp, from our 12-year-old cousins to 75-year-old neighbors. So business on WhatsApp becomes really convenient to connect with your customers digitally. WhatsApp Business is an app similar to the ones we use for our personal communication but comes with a few extra perks to suit the needs of a business. Information like your business description, address, and website can be added. You can also create automated messages and a catalogue to display what you offer. And none of this has a price tag attached to it.

2) Online Brochures

Online Brochures
Touching staircase rails is considered harmful, do you think your customers will be okay with receiving pamphlets from you directly? Now this calls for a digital alternative. When your customers call/mail you asking for further information on your products/services, you can direct them to your website if you have one. If not, it’s all right. We know something else you can do instead.

1) Share PDF Links 

Your physical printed pamphlets must have a digital copy that went to the printing services. You can ask your graphic designer to modify the same to suit digital devices – say the aspect ratio might have to be changed to view on mobiles/laptops or the colors can be enhanced. These digital files can be organized on Google Drive or identical services and you can share the link to these files with your customers. You can share the PDF directly but using Drive through G Suite (professional email) gives you the benefit of accessing the viewer history. Say, you share the link to A and A shares the link to B and C. You will be aware of only A. But the activity dashboard on Drive gives you the entire list of viewers and that can help you keep track of the sharing. 

2) Single-Page Website 

Another option is to create a quick and simple – one-page website. These single-page websites are crisp and convey the right amount of information without any confusion. You can reciprocate your existing brochure into a digital format through a single-page website. Why overlook PDFs and create a website? This adds on bags of authenticity to your business and shapes your digital perception. By establishing a permanent digital presence, you also gain a competitive advantage in the industry and raise your business profile. Read in detail why it is important for businesses to have a website. A website enables you to monitor your viewers just like the activity dashboard of Drive but with wider and detailed parameters.  

3) Digital Payments

Digital Payments

When I go on a walk, I might forget my wallet but never my smartphone. I’m sure the same is the case for most of us. Online payments saw the light of the day in the early ’90s. It started with the installation of distinct software and buying special equipment for the same and now the process of making payments digitally has relaxed down to using an app on our existing electronic devices like mobile phones and laptops.

Now, amidst the global unrest due to the pandemic, almost everybody has turned towards digital payments as it reduces the chances of spread due to the exchange of money. Even though we are sprinting towards online transactions, only 1 in 5 small businesses accept digital payments. Unless businesses adapt to the changes in lifestyle caused due to our invisible enemy, it is hard to survive. After all, it is the time of “Survival of the smartest” now. PayPal, Razorpay, Google Pay, and Paytm are some e-payment services you can choose from to stay in the fight.  

4) E-Feedback Forms

E-Feedback Forms
Creating and sharing forms on the Internet is a walk in the park. If you are physically not there for your customers to collect feedback through a conversion, employ digital conversational forms to get the work done for you. From contact forms and surveys to quizzes and feedback, everything is simple for you. Services like Google Forms and Typeform come with plenty of options to customize your forms to represent your brand/business. You can adjust colors, fonts, include images, create logic jumps and monitor metrics. Some of these features come with a fee while the essential and most basic ones are free to use.

The first point of communication, the last step of product/service review and everything in between has numerous advantageous gains on the Internet. Are you running short on time? That’s alright. All the digital solutions discussed in this blog are simple enough for quick implementations. Are you ready to show up online but still baffled? Consult our team for personalized digital business solutions and carve your place in the digital world with ease.



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