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The Importance of Images In Websites & Digital Communication

You are driving back from the grocery store to your home. You are stopped at a red light and you notice a large hoarding to your left. The hoarding has two lines of text and an image. What will your eyes turn to first, the image or the text? Most of us notice the image and then skim through the text. That must mean something about images, right? We all know, “Picture is worth a thousand words”.   

The easiest way to assure that your clients remember what you convey is to communicate visually. A study says that 65% of visual information is retained against 10% of spoken/written communication. The importance of images in websites and digital communication is that they are preserved in long-term memory, transmit information faster as well as enhance the understanding. Here are a few reasons why you should absolutely include images on your website – 

1) Websites With Images Are Statistically Stronger

Websites With Images Are Statistically Stronger

Starting from the top, websites with images get almost 2x more views than the ones without attractive images. Also, users spend an average of 5.94 seconds looking at a website’s main image. In this way, they get a lot of attention when it is simple to comprehend and far from overloaded content. 

2) Images Lift Your Ranking in Search Engine Results

Images Lift Your Ranking in Search Engine Results

Everybody is friends with SEO and there is no reason for images to be an exception. Images are sink or swim in search engines. They use keyword natured alt tags and this strengthens the SEO of the website. They not only enable your website to appear in search engine results but also captivate curiosity – 60% of viewers click on search results that include images. 

3) The Obvious – Images Enhance Your Website Design

Images can make your website appear vibrant and exciting that in turn upgrades the power of design. Images can reinforce or weak down your website design. High-quality imagery is significant visual elements that improve the experience of your website visitors. But when they convey the wrong message, a fallout is certain. 

4) Better Communication of Information

Better Communication of Information

A calendar or a car, we don’t buy it unless we see for ourselves how it looks. Of course, we have a look at the description and the specifications, but images always give more confidence to the buyer. An e-commerce website or not photographs hand over the key of visualization to the visitor at once.

Images are etched in memory, magnet visitors and accelerate the conversion process. Where can you get these photographs? Large pockets can source them with ease, but those smartphones in your pockets also have the ability to click web-worthy images. If you are not technologically familiar, stock imagery will have your back (in this case, don’t forget to consider the factor of relevancy). If you think your website lacks captivating pictures, set up a call with your designer and spice your website up soon. 



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