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Is Facebook Still Relevant For Your Business in 2020?

It is the year 2020, 16 years after Facebook’s launch and I cannot think of any of my friends who still use the social networking site actively. It must be the same amongst your circle of friends, right? 

Here Are the Stats

But there is a catch … the number of monthly active users on Facebook alone has increased to 2.7 billion as of the second quarter of 2020. That is higher than any social media platform – Instagram stands at 1 billion, WhatsApp at 1.5 billion and Twitter at 330 million

How is that? It is because we started using the social media at a very young age and hence our Facebook circle has grown to thousands. That makes it hard to trust and handle our network on the social networking site. Its usage has declined among the younger generation but is immensely popular among adults and senior citizens. With 2.7 billion active users scrolling through their Facebook feed every month, it is a hotspot for businesses to take over and expand its audience. 

Yes, Facebook Is a Force To Be Reckoned With

Yes, Facebook Is a Force To Be Reckoned With

Recently, Facebook pushed down Google to become the most popular site in some countries. These are signs that the people of the Internet have started using social media like Facebook to search for information which was earlier confined only to search engines.   

Such statistics keep popping up every day and it is safe to say that Facebook is still relevant for your business in the year 2020.  

What Can a Facebook Page Do For Your Business?

1) Strengthen Brand Awareness

Your business profile on Facebook can share basic information about your business and constantly provide updates about what you and your team are up to. You can talk about your offers for a festive season, inform about your new store, share details about your new products/services, or simply share your thoughts on the current trends. There are a multiplicity of activities you can perform on your Facebook Business Page and you can do it all with your brand’s character and tonality on your mind. This way, your brand/business will be portrayed consistently and your brand awareness will rise systematically.  

2) Expand Organic Reach and Targeted Advertising 

Facebook Can Expand Organic Reach and Targeted Advertising

You can encourage your existing customers to “Like” your Facebook page to receive new updates about your business or learn new tips to maintain the products you sell. If your page offers something beneficial to your customers, they will want to pay attention. When you satisfy your customers, it is likely that they will talk about you to their friends or share your updates on their Facebook page. This will allow your Facebook page to reach more users and you can slowly acquire new customers through your social media activities. 

Facebook advertising campaigns let you post ads that are targeted at a particular group of people. You can choose your target audience based on age groups, location, interests, gender, purchasing habits and brand interactions. And you can run these campaigns at a much lower cost than conventional advertisements. It is a win-win, you save money as well as reach your target audience directly.    

3) Improve Your SERP Rankings

When your Facebook page has a good number of followers and activity, it will make its way up in the SERP rankings. (SERP – Search Engine Results Page) Say a potential customer searches for you on Google or any other search engine, only the top 10 results are displayed on the first page. To get to the first page, your website/Facebook page must have strong SEO and SEO is composed of Keywords, Activity and Backlinking. The only major task for your Facebook page is to stay active and engage your audience. When your page does this task efficiently, it goes up on the SERP and more people will find you organically through search. 

4) Direct Potential Leads to Your Website

Your website will not get traffic as soon as it is launched. Your customers and your potential leads must know that you have a website and you must lighten the way for them to view your website. You can carry this out through your Facebook page. A business page on Facebook provides space to display details about your business such as your description and your website. You can link your website to your Facebook page and inform your followers to click on the link for more information. You can add your website link to your page information and also your captions whenever necessary. Unlike Instagram, links on Facebook captions are clickable. Watch our video guide on how you can add your website to your Facebook page. 

5) Accelerate Communication With Your Customers

Facebook Can Accelerate Communication With Your Customers

Everybody prefers instant communication channels over telecommunication-based customer services that may take a long long time to connect. Instant messaging is possible on Facebook. You can converse with your customers and followers through Facebook messenger. You can receive good reviews which you can share on your page to showcase user-generated content or your users can get in touch with you when they face an issue or have queries and you can sort it out as soon as you can. All it takes is a dedicated social media manager to respond to messages/comments and drive engagement.  

6) Monitor Your Performance

No task is complete until you analyse your performance. You can monitor how your posts are performing and how many people it is reaching. Facebook Analytics lets you gain a thorough understanding of post insights which you can use to examine what kind of content your audience likes and responds more to. You may not create the right content for your audience at the first go, but with time, experience and strict monitoring, you will discover tactics that specifically help your business grow on Facebook. 

Engaging Content > Promotional Content

Facebook For Business, Engaging Content Promotional Content

Facebook, one of the earliest social media platforms, has the potential to revolutionize your business on the platform. The number of users is growing exponentially and the features of Facebook has seen tremendous evolution to suit the changing needs. Facebook is free and ready to use for your business. Read our blog on how to set up your social media profiles and start Facebooking your way into the web. 



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