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Get To Know the Team of 5 Behind Creating Your Business Website

Domains are bought. Servers are hosted. Websites are created. Businesses are accelerated. But do you know who the individuals are behind making your business website look and work great? Ever wondered what each person distinctly does to help your website accelerate your growth? Maybe not. But each person and his or her skill deserve the spotlight and we are about to introduce you to them. 

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”―Benjamin Franklin

Of course, one person can create a website if he or she is both the jack and master of all trades. Although, a recent study by Bryan College found that balancing more than one task at a time hinders performance. And we strongly believe in the power of teamwork. We ensure one person is not neck-deep with everything that there is to do and can do the one thing with utmost excellence. 

Let’s say hello to the team that works on making business websites brilliant in today’s day. 

1) Strategist


A web strategy is a clear cut long term strategy that revolves around creating and developing a business’ online presence like that of a business website. A strategist is someone who understands both business and technological aspects along with design and user experience concepts.

A strategist will be closely working with you, comprehend why you want a business website and what are your expectations out of it. Based on the insight, he or she will help you decide what should your website look like, what it should have, whom it should appeal and overall goals. The strategist will then formulate a document containing the outcomes of your discussion which will help the other team members to efficiently carry out their task. 

2) UI/UX Designer

UI UX Designer

User experience design (UX) and User Interface design (UI) are elements that work hand in hand. Though they work closely together, they are different things. 

Don Norman who coined the term UX describes it as, “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-users’ interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” Whereas the user interface is a graphical layout of a website that deals with visual design elements with the focus on maximizing usability and user experience. 

Based on the document produced by the strategist, the designer will develop a visual representation of your website. For example, he or she will be responsible for deciding the placement of various elements on your business website or what colours to use to attract your desired audience. 

The UI/UX designer will deal with how your target audience is going to interact with your business website and so will play an important role in ensuring your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. 

3) Writer


A content writer or a copywriter works alongside the UI/UX designer. While the designer decides where the heading must be placed, the writer decides what the heading must say. Based on the goals outlined by the strategist, the writer takes a call on how the content must be written. 

Content and design breaths life into your strategy. 

The content can be information-oriented, conversion-oriented or SEO-oriented. The writer ensures that the content written for your business website is relevant to your target audience. The content must also convey who you are as a business and how you can be beneficial to the end-users. Ultimately, consistency is your content is a significant factor in your brand positioning and business growth. 

4) Developer


Once the design and content are completely approved by you, it gets handed over to the website developer. He or she programmes the code and instructs your website on how to function. The website developer implements the design and makes it work on the screen. He or she develops the functionality, implements its features based on the design. 

The web developer is also in charge of integrating security measures, optimizing your business website’s speed and capacity. After the completion of the development, he or she provides constant maintenance for your website. 

5) Tester


A website tester collaborates with the developer and conducts tests on the final website. Based on the tester’s analysis, the developer understands his or her feedback and works towards enhancing your business website. With only 4% of your customers complaining, every business needs a tester who points out the flaws and fosters improvement.

The tester and the developer work side by side to accelerate the life cycle of your website. That is, after each phase of development, the tester comes into the picture and assesses the quality of the website. 

The tester works on monitoring aspects like speed, security, usability, performance and functionality. Most importantly, the tester helps in saving your money as fixing errors in the early stages of development is much lesser than in the later stages.

Right from the strategist to the tester, each individual has a basic role to play to create your business website. If you don’t have a strategist, your designer and writer will end up being clueless. If you don’t have a designer and a writer, your developer will be perplexed. Rightly said, “Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success”. 

Didn’t think your website creation would be this long a process, did you? Now that you’ve met all the essential people behind your business website, let us ask you – how many of them were you aware of previously? Tell us in the comments below. 



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