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When Is the Right Time To Invest In a Business Website

Most small businesses don’t think of owning a website initially due to financial and time constraints. Of course, there is no point in investing in a website when you are yet to understand if your business will sink or sail or when you are still experimenting locally or with a small target group.

Later when you outgrow small, it becomes mandatory to own a website for your business. Because about 75% of people research a company online before visiting or making a purchase. So if you are not seen online, you will not be seen at all. Usually, when businesses aren’t able to accommodate growth, one solution they look up to is a website. But we’ve noticed that when some businesses grow, they don’t understand when exactly they should begin having an affair with a website. 

To save you from the trouble, we’ve put together a small list of signs that you should look for. 

1) Unretained Customers

Unretained Customers

Customers you catered to all the time earlier are now slipping away. Probably because they are finding similar product/service providers on their mobile screens. Your audience remembers you if you make regular appearances wherever they are, maybe via your website or on social media. 

If you don’t have a digital presence; and they see and interact with other similar businesses online, they become inclined towards them. It costs upwards of 5-6x as much to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. So, it is important to have a business website; amplify your website using social forums and stay in constant contact with your customers. 

2) Excessive and Needless Communication

Excessive and Needless Communication

If you have a website with your basic information, your audience will first have a look at that and then reach out to you in case they are truly interested in more. In that event, they will already have all their basic doubts cleared and be halfway through the marketing funnel. Only potential customers with a high conversion rate will contact you and therefore save your time and money. 

If you don’t have your basic information anywhere on the Internet, you will get loads of calls and enquires which will have a very less conversion rate. If you are getting too many untransformed calls, it makes no sense to spend your resources on replying to each individually. This is a very indicative sign of your business’ growth and why you need to accommodate the growth with a business website. 

3) Difficulty in Building Trust With New Customers

Difficulty in Building Trust With New Customers

Imagine you are nervously walking into your first day of work and randomly meet a friend’s friend at your workplace. You feel a little relieved that somebody you have heard of or seen earlier or vaguely interacted with is present around you. 

Similarly, when your customers have a deja vu moment with you, they connect to you and your business easily. Confidence begins forming in their mind. They will have a deja vu moment if they’ve seen you already – maybe on their friend’s story that said your products are the best in class or your shared posts online. All of this transpires if you have a strong online presence through a business website and social profiles. 

If you find that your potential customers are not able to easily connect with you, then you should seriously consider building your business website. 

4) Unable to Effectively Share Updates

Unable to Effectively Share Updates

Sending offer updates via SMS is a thing of the past. It used to work back then because the only few modes of communication were the SMS and sales calls. Marketing and sales have now moved on to the most upgraded form of communication – the Internet. 

You can do this through social media, their targeted ads and paid promotions but it needs a strong backbone – a business website. Having a website makes you look credible and reliable. Nowadays, there are tons of social media profiles that are fake and you can’t even say which ones are real and which ones not. So if you have your business website linked to your profile that talks about offers and new releases, you look believable through the eyes of your target audience. 

A website is a company’s profile, salesman and a 24×7 customer support. Every business accelerates its growth through a functional and strategic business website. Deloitte’s analysis concludes that you experience revenue growth of nearly four times after introducing a business website. That says investing in a good website for your business will not be a burden but surely benefit your business expansion and company growth. Let’s get started? 



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