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5 Life Lessons You Can Incorporate Into Designing Your Website

In everything we do, we like to seek comfort by embracing familiarity. If your business is new or you are new to the world of websites and don’t really understand its know-hows, then this blog is where you should start. You see, websites are a lot similar to the life lessons we’ve learnt. 

I’m sure you have a few rules that you live by. You may believe in patience is the key to success or hard work never fails. The same exact rules make sense when you are designing your website as well. Confused? Read on to know what I’m talking about and you will be astounded with the similarities. 

1) Two Hands on the Broom

Two Hands on the Broom

Always have ‘two hands on the broom’ translates to – ‘If you are going to do a job, do it properly and with effort.’ Designing a website just for the sake of having one so you don’t feel left out in the digital era is not quite as good as having a purpose-driven and fully functional website. So, if you decide on introducing a website for your business, do it properly and with effort. 

2) Leave People Feeling Happy

Leave People Feeling Happy

Always leave positive impressions and leave people feeling happy. When you spread joy, everybody around naturally inclines towards liking you. For a business website, you need to make people happy in order to get them to like you or stay associated with you in the future. Talking about your customers and your solution for their problems instead of talking about yourself hits the right spot among potential customers and in turn, you make them happy. 

3) First Impression Lasts Forever

First Impression Lasts Forever

‘A first impression lasts forever so show up being the best version of yourself in everything you do’, they say. When you meet somebody new, the first impression they make solely helps you decided whether you like that person or not. It doesn’t stand too different for websites. 88% of website consumers don’t return to a page if they had a bad experience with their first time on the website. Use your website design to create a memorable first impression and don’t solely aim it to convert your website visitors. 

4) The strength Is in the Team

The strength Is in the Team

The strength is in the team, not the individual. An efficient website needs a few different hands to work on it. A few of them are – project manager, designer, developer, writer and visual media professionals. You need specialists in each category to design and develop a splendid website for your business. One person cannot take care of all aspects to its full potential. At the same time, too many cooks spoil the broth. So if you have 3-4 writers instead of 1, that will leave you with tricky situations. 

5) Set Trends, Don’t Follow

Set Trends, Don’t Follow

‘Don’t make somebody else’s ‘crazy’ about you, you’ve got your own ‘crazy’ to deal with.’ That’s exactly right. Don’t be a photocopy of another business but be yourself. Your customers like you for being yourself. Your customers visit your website for the content you put out and not for the content you copy from a similar/bigger brand. It’s okay if everybody else is taking the same path forward, you can spin around and take a different one to stand out among the crowd. 

I’m sure you are now not as clueless as earlier. You must have a fair share of idea on how you want to design your website. Have a go and tell us what else about websites you think are connected to the life lessons you’ve learnt. 



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