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Engage Your Website Visitors With the Power of Storytelling

So many businesses are driving our economy. But have you wondered how many of them stand out or make it big? Not many. The reason very few succeed is that they sell their story and not their product/service. Most businesses market what they sell. Very few go the extra mile to convey why they are selling what they are selling. Storytelling is what you should do too. 

Your consumers are attracted by the stories you are telling and not by the products you are marketing. 

Storytelling drives conversions and has a high Return On Investment. According to Headstream, if people love a brand story, 55% are more likely to buy the product in future, 44% will share the story, and 15% will buy the product immediately. Stories are influential and here are some reasons why: 

Storytelling Evokes Emotion

Storytelling Evokes Emotion

Undoubtedly, humans feel connected to brands that touch them on a personal level. And we tend to dislike or ignore anything that comes with a promotional obligation. In the digital-driven society, we live in now, the human touch is a thing of rarity. But this doesn’t help brands and a lot of brand/business owners are overlooking this fact. 

Stories spark emotions. Instead of showcasing the benefits and facts of your brand, tell a story and trigger an emotional response. Because feelings and emotions drive purchasing decisions better than logic. Decide how you want your audience to feel about you and your brand before catering to their emotion. 

For example, KFC’s “Finger Lickin’ Good” doesn’t talk about their burgers or fries, it talks about how it feels to eat them. 

Storytelling Conveys Your Vision

Storytelling Conveys Your Vision

When you tell your story, it has to have a motive. Narrate your vision through storytelling. You need to have a crystal clear idea of what you want to tell your audience and how you want them to perceive your brand. Only then, you can get your storytelling right. 

Develop a picture of your target audience, understand their values and pain points. With the information, tailor your vision and your story along the lines of your audience’s beliefs. 

Apple does a great job with their storytelling. Their products are targeted at the up and coming generation who are rebellious and love challenging the stereotypes. And the story Apple tells revolves around thinking differently and doing things differently. 

Storytelling Entertains Your Audience

Storytelling Entertains Your Audience

Using click baits and eye-catching triggers are good for the moment but don’t sustain a business in the long run. You must entertain your audience and break off from the monotony to stand out. 

Take your customers on a journey with your brand. Nobody wants to hear about your business growth or increased turnover. Your audience connects to a personal story. A story about how you helped your customers. Tell stories about your brand. But make the story about your audience and their needs. This will attract your audience and make them listen to your story. 

Storytelling Makes You Memorable

Storytelling Makes You Memorable

Storytelling increases your brand favorability with your audience. It can also make you 22 times more memorable than brands that just state facts. In the crowded marketplace, becoming noticeable and memorable will be the first wins of your brand. 

So many businesses are spending thousands to get seconds of attention from their audience. And that attention disappears as soon as they see the same advertising tactics and attention-grabbing content that is everywhere around them. 

Having a good quality of products and services are not enough to run your business. You also need to treat your potential customers the right way and tell the right stories. Increase your awareness with a compelling story and glue a positive image of your brand in the minds of your audience. Once you are remembered in the minds, move on to pitching about what you want your audience to buy. 

How Can You Engage Your Website Visitors With Storytelling?

How Can You Engage Your Website Visitors With Storytelling?

Storytelling is an art. An art that is needed on your website. And storytelling is not just about words you speak or write. It is also embedded in your brand’s visuals, videos and website design. But how?


Images, design, website layout. People process visual information faster and better than words and numbers. Visual stories are also remembered better because our brains transfer 90% of information through visuals. Use images and illustrations on your website that are in character with your brand story. Dove always portrays self-confident, healthy and happy women through their visuals. These visuals communicate the promises that the brand makes – soft skin and a natural, healthy feeling.


Videos are a fun and convenient way of storytelling on your website. Videos not only tell stories but also ensure that your visitors stop and look at what’s moving on their screen. When you have a lot to say that is complicated and hard to convey, videos come to your rescue. In front of the camera, you can tell the story yourself, you can build a story around your products/services or you can get others (example – customer testimonials) to tell your story. 


From the colours to fonts used to the layout of your website design, all of them have something to say. Colours can make us feel happy or sad, and they can make us feel hungry or relaxed (Example – blue represents calmness, grey represents sadness). Based on font psychology, serif fonts carry feelings of trust and revolve around grandeur. Similarly, script fonts demonstrate femininity, elegance, and creativity. Design elements may not say the entire story itself but accents well with the story you tell through your website.

The story you tell your audience must be a blend of emotion and entertainment. The story your website tells must hit off well with your intended audience. Storytelling is not just about the words you speak, it is also about the way you showcase yourself to the world. Storytelling is immensely powerful and you should embrace its power to take your business to the next level. Are you ready? Get in touch with our team and let’s get started!



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