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Trigger Increased Downloads for Your Mobile App with an App Landing Page

You’ve just launched your mobile app. You may think your work is done, you can sit back and watch the downloads happen. We’re sorry to disappoint you but that’s not how it works. Nobody knows your app exists or what it does. 

So, if people do not know what your app does and how it can make their life easier, why would they download it? They wouldn’t. 

This is where marketing comes in. You must go out there on every platform where your potential app users exist and tell them about your app. One part of marketing is through an app landing page.

What Is an App Landing Page?

What Is an App Landing Page?

When you look for something on the Internet, it is always on Google or another search engine. How many times have you opened the Play Store or the App Store and searched for something? Probably never. 

When searchers search for something similar about your app on Google, information about your app should pop up on the search engine results page. That’s why you need an app landing page. 

Let’s say your app showcases a list of vegan restaurants and vegan food options available in a specified location. And a person searches on Google—‘Are vegan restaurants available nearby?’. Do you think your app from the Play Store/App Store will appear in the results? 

Highly unlikely. Only links to websites are shown. And so, if you have an app landing page, it will show up in the search results. The searcher will click on your landing page and ultimately download your app. 

An app landing page is a simple website that talks about your mobile app. The page introduces your app to the visitor, promotes your brand, advocates your purpose, increases possibility of generating more leads and funnels traffic to your app downloads. 

What Can an App Landing Page Do for You?

48% of the top landing pages are ranked in organic search listings. Having an SEO optimized landing page will increase the chances of your potential app users discovering you. Say what platforms your app supports. You can engage with your target audience through your app landing page and address any concerns or questions they may have about your app. Well, there’s more:

Connects your audience with you

Connects your audience with you

We’re sure you have a story to tell. A story that informs your audience about how and why you developed your app. Narrating your vision or your story will give your audience a chance to connect with you. 

A study by OkDork and BuzzSumo confirmed that conversion rates increase when emotions are in play. And the emotions that triggered highest conversions were:

  • Awe 
  • Laughter
  • Amusement 

If your target audience is going to use your app, they are facing the same problems now that you faced before the app idea struck your mind. 

Say, you are a vegan, and you couldn’t find vegan restaurants near you. That’s how the app idea began taking shape in your mind. You share this story on your landing page. Your audience group will also be facing the same problem right now. And that’s why they landed up on your app landing page. Here, when they read your story, they go, ‘oh, that has happened to me too!’, and form an instant connection with you and your purpose. 

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    Adds credibility and trustworthiness

    Adds credibility and trustworthiness

    There are so many apps on the store. How do you know which ones are worth taking the time to download and try out? With an app landing page. It adds credibility to your app. It tells your target audience that you are a reliable app, and they can confidently download it. 

    Which element on your landing page contributes to increasing your credibility? Social proof. 

    When you put out social proof, your audience develops trust. 92% of consumers are more likely to trust non-paid recommendations than any other type of advertising. 

    On your app landing page, you can have 3 types of social proof:

    • Testimonials
    • Brands you’ve worked with
    • Press & media coverage  

    App users feel secure when they see someone else has used it and this is how that someone feels about it. Use this to your advantage and inspire potential app users to gain confidence in you.

    Shows your audience how the app works

    Shows your audience how the app works

    Everybody wants to get a peek of how the app works before they actually download it and start using it. Your app landing page is the perfect place to give your audience the sneak peek. 

    Use your landing page to explain who the app is for and how they can use it. Include screenshots of the most prominent features of your app and add a few words about how it works. Or instead, add a video of the working itself. 

    While you’re at it, stay fast. Make sure you don’t overload your visitors with information on your app landing page. Give them just enough to feed their curiosity and interest them to use the app. 

    Answers questions before they’re asked

    Answers questions before they’re asked

    There may be some specific queries your app users might have about your app. And it’s always good to answer them upfront. 

    If every time your potential app user has a question, they must send you an email and wait for you to respond, they’ll find it easier to move on to another app/solution. 75% of online customers expect help within five minutes.
 Because we’re in the world of everything happening in an instant and nobody has the patience to wait. 

    Adding an FAQs section on your app landing page will guide your users through their doubts. If your app is on the complicated side, you can also have a user guide or an app walk-through video to help your potential users understand your app better. 

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    Provides support for newer questions that arise

    Provides support for newer questions that arise

    Yes, you can’t predict all questions earlier. Some users may need extremely specific help. In that case, having a support section really helps. You can choose to include a form that collects queries and answer them personally. Or if you have executives who’re available 24×7, you can include a chat feature on your app landing page.

    Overall, your app landing page can help boost your app’s visibility, can help make the right first impression and create long-term relationships with your customers. 

    Whatever you do, you need to stand out doing it and do it better than anyone else out there. App landing pages are valuable for your app and its marketing strategies. Don’t wait for your app to be discovered and grow. Go out there and announce what you are here to do with a great app landing page. Get-in-touch with our team and let’s start building yours right away. 



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