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The 5 P’s of Thuyaa

Case Study



Early in the year 2019 while Thuyaa was heightening in business, she started receiving phone calls more than usual. Her brochures and information booklets could not give explanations for all of her customer’s doubts nor could it precisely explain her business intentions. That is when she decided she needed a website to present an in-depth understanding of her business.



Minimize the number of incoming calls

Ease the process of buying with e-commerce

Educate customers on the making and benefits of the products


Thuyaa took form when Mrs. Lakshmi Prabha’s hunt for chemical free personal care products for her children ended unsuccessfully. What began in the interests of providing natural skin care for her kids quickly escalated into what we know today as Thuyaa. She says chemicals in soaps (and other products) are equal to poison. She pledges to keep the naturalness growing as she ventures into newer products every now and then. 


The major concern with the designing was to exhibit the information on the website in order that readers make heads or tails of it. Another concern in our minds was to showcase the elements of the website in all its uniqueness to distinguish it from other e-commerce websites.


A cool and funky typography was chosen to create an informal, confident relationship – it is readable, comfortable and welcoming.


We selected a quicksand and blue colour for the primary palette to communicate comfortable and welcoming look.

 With a focus on what runs in the reader’s mind while viewing the information, we adopted a decision to include the questions that pop up in the minds of the readers. This way we decompress the doubts in the readers and leave them to absorb in the details to perfectly understand. We used one of the handwriting types of font on the website for the viewers to connect to the naturalness of the products offered.  


It was another intriguing task to pull out the uniqueness of e-commerce. The viewers generally associate e-commerce listings with images on the left and the information on the right side of the screen therefore we did not muddle with that aspect of placing elements. The singularity was brought out with the photography of products that occurred in the middle of a natural forestry territory along with a slight tilted arrangement of those on the website.


The local reach of Thuyaa has expanded along with her market as her list of products have now crossed boundaries into hair care. The number of phone calls she receives has declined for customers now view the website directly in place of contacting her. Customers do their own research to discover what is best for them. Another reward is her conversion happens 24×7 and her view in the competitive space of the business industry is elevated.

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