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The 5 P’s of Bombay Kulfi

Case Study

Bombay Kulfi 


Bombay Kulfi has tasted triumph since the inception of the brand and in 2017 wanted to get into the bigger picture by stepping into the shoes of a franchisor. To fishhook franchise requests, their existing website revealed itself to be incoherent with their brand identity and hence needed a revamp.


Attract franchise requests

Parade their seasonal flavours

Locate stores across globe


Bombay Kulfi, a Coimbatore based kulfi brand (based out of Bombay is a false belief) journeys to bring back authentic kulfis with a contemporary twist. The founders, Poonam Shah, a business management expert and Manish Kankaria, a financial expert opened shutters of Bombay Kulfi in 2014. In the beginning, all they had in mind was for Kulfi and BK naturals to make a comeback from the bygone era into today’s culinary world.


Reciprocating the vibe of the Bombay Kulfi stores on the website was a thought-provoking affair. The challenges on our plate were to freshen-up the website in the spirit of the brand identity (colours, theme and menu), to keep the website up and running with web pages loading fast enough to accommodate the incoming traffic from on-going digital campaigns as well as to prompt people into requesting franchise ownerships.


A cool and funky typography was chosen to create a subtle yet strong rapport, establishing deep connections with fun.


We selected a purple and mustard colours for the primary palette to communicate joy, fun and some celebration.


Bombay Kulfi theme is around a dramatic and classic Mumbai street type view so we sprinkled some Bollywood essence

To puzzle out the spirit of the brand identity, we collected photos from the stores besides those of the bollywood themed graffiti sprayed on the store walls. We picked colors for the website, also the font and typeface to go with the colors. We complemented these with eye-catching copy and zeroed in on the flow of the website. The website was finally rounded off with elements of the store graffiti and their artful photographs. 

Media visuals that were embedded on the website were many and to tackle the loading speed, we minified and combined used files, optimized image sizes and played a few other tricks that were rolled up our sleeves. 

To excite requests for franchise, we placed the “START A FRANCHISE” call-to-action on the right side on the home page. The general idea in our minds is that “SELECT” buttons are always placed on the right side of “CANCEL” buttons. We exerted influence on clickability by capitalizing this mindset.


The website resonates tastefully with the brand identity and store decor. The loading speed of the website has never hit breaks since the launch. The number of franchise requests that drop-in every day is an average of 5. The dynamic menu has its place on the website to give out details of ever-changing transitions into alternating seasonal flavours. The store locator on the website is greatly used to find Bombay Kulfi delicacies nearby.

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